Impact Shares is an ETF issuer and Investment Manager that is creating a first of a kind platform for clients seeking maximum social impact with market returns.

Vision & Mission

  • Build a platform to better align capital with meaningful social priorities that have greater impact and at lower prices
  • Become a content platform to inform the investment community about how capital allocation can impact the world
  • Ultimately, lowering the cost of capital for leading companies that are working towards solving social issues prioritized by the capital markets


  • Lower cost investment solutions that democratize access to Impact Investing
  • Passive strategies following single issue social indices that are created through a collaboration with Impact Shares, leading nonprofit voices in respective issue and Wilshire as an index provider to minimize tracking error to the broader market.
  • Solid equity market performance providing a bridge from your capital to a social cause in a meaningful way

"Impact Shares' goal is to build a capital markets bridge between Leading Non-Profits, Investors and Corporate America to direct capital and social engagement on societal priorities."

 Ethan Powell CFA, CPA  Founder and President Impact Shares   

Ethan Powell CFA, CPA

Founder and President Impact Shares


Heritage built on Social Awareness: Ethan’s father worked with Norman Bourlaug; an American biologist, humanitarian and 1970 Nobel laureate who has been called "the father of the Green Revolution", "agriculture's greatest spokesperson" and "The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives."

Impact Shares’ leader enjoys a strong 20 year financial services industry reputation as an ETF and investment management innovator.

The Impact Shares team is augmented with professionals from Tidal Growth Consultants. Tidal is a group of finance thought leaders who have been designing, utilizing, marketing and distributing ETFs since the industry’s inception. Tidal plays an valuable role in Impact Shares strategic planning, portfolio design, investment research and effective marketplace positioning.